Ramona's Parrots

Welcome to My Store

Hello! Welcome to my store. My name is Ramona and I own a Pet Store that specializes in Parrots. I have been in this business for over Twenty Five years.

We sell Parrots, Yorkie puppies, and all the supplies that go with them (Including some cat supplies and speciality products). I also do sewing, embroidery, also embroidery signs for service animals, small to medium vinyl signs, decals, & coffee cups. I will be adding t-shirts, plates and caps at a later date.
Ramona's Parrots
I am Open 7 days a week by appointment. You should always call ahead to make sure I am here. Sometimes I have to make trips for supplies ETC.

Business hours are : Sunday Thru Saturday By App.

You will find some pictures of the birds and puppies I may have available below.


Breeder Pair of Love Birds. For future baby Love Birds for sale.

Congo African Grey

Caique (Clown of the Parrots!)